Monday, 9 May 2016

How many have germinated so far?

We think that are rocket seed  science experiment is doing well but the red is doing a bit better here is the results.   

R1-25 r26-50 r51-r75 r76-r100 red has grown better.
84%    84%      92%      80%

B1-25 b26-50 b51-75 b76-100
84%         80%        76%      64%

Day 10
Both together has germinated to make 146/200

Regan=I think the seeds from space are the red because they are growing better.
Bradley=I think the red seeds are the seeds that have been in space because they have been closer to the sun so that’s why there growing better.

How long did it take our seedlings to grow two true leaves?

Rocket seeds
R1-R25- 15 days
R26-R50- 15 days
R51-R75 12 days
R76-R100- 14 days
B1-B25- 15 days
B26-B50 13 days
B51-B75 14 days
B-76-B100 16 days
That is how long it took to grow two true leaves.

There was one seed which grew upside-down.

Monday, 25 April 2016

How are our seeds doing?

There are a total of 141 seeds which have germinated. This means there are 59 more seeds that need to grow. There are 77 Red & 79 Blue seeds that have started to sprout. There are more blue seeds than red seeds!

The seeds started to grow on Thursday 21st April 2016.

We think that the blue seeds have been in space because the seeds that were with Tim Peake were highlighted in blue.

We think that the seeds that have been in space will grow quicker because there no gravity in space to grow!

Which are growing best?
We think that the red seeds are growing the best because most of them have started to germinate. 77 of the reds have grown and 68 of the blues have grown. It has been 8 days.

Which do you think have been in space?
Rhea thinks that the blue seeds have been in space
because the reds have been used to being on earth the
blue hasn’t, that’s why. Maybe that’s why more of the red
are growing than the blues.
Lucca thinks the red seeds have been in space because they
are growing quicker than the blue seeds.

What do you think will happen?
Rhea thinks that the blue won’t grow as well because they have been in space.
Lucca thinks the red seeds will continue to grow more than the blue seeds.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

What an exciting few days!

Wow! What an exciting few days we have had, as I'm sure the Year 5s will tell you! We've been very busy creating some Rocket Science work and we've really enjoyed sowing the seeds and keeping updated with Tim Peake's adventures in space- we think Tim might have even seen our blog last night. If so,

Hello Mr Peake!

Well done Year 5, you absolute superstars, and keep up the excellent work!

Miss Cooper and Miss B :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Recording our measurements

The European space agency have asked us to measure our seeds on the following days:
-          Day 10 –[29th April]
-          Day 17-[6th May]
-          Day 21-[10th May]
-          Day 28-[17th May]
-          Day 35-[24th May]

We will record their growth on a measurement chart.
Thank you for the 190+ people who have already visited our blog.

Now that our seeds have been sown, we have to wait for them to germinate.
This means when the seed first sprouts through the soil.

We have to water the plants every day and rotate the seed trays every two days so that they all the same amount of sunlight.

We are feeling happy and very excited to see what happens and see if they grow differently to other plants. We thank Tim Peake for his kind opportunity.  

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Planting our rocket seeds!

Today (Tuesday 19th April, 2016) we planted our rocket seeds in compost. This is how we did it:

1. First we got some compost and we each placed some in seven small pots.

2. Then we got the back of a pencil and made a hole approximately 2cm deep by twisting the pencil down in the middle of the compost.

3. Thirdly, we placed the seeds carefully in the hole and closed it off.

4. Finally, we placed the tag with numbers on that show which seed it is in the side of the pot. 

Our predictions

These are some of our predictions:

-“The space seeds will grow really tall because there’s no gravity in space.”

-“The space seeds won’t grow as well because there’s no oxygen up in space”

-“They will grow the same because there’s not much of a difference.”

-“The space seeds will grow bigger because they’re closer to the Sun.”

-"The space seeds will grow half the size because there’s no oxygen.”

-“The space seeds won’t be as strong because astronaut’s muscle’s aren’t as strong after being in space.”

-“The space seeds will grow faster because they’ve been somewhere else.”

-“The space seeds might have changed shape inside.”

-“The space seeds might be shorter than the seeds on the ground because it’s darker than on Earth.”

-“The space seeds might be taller because of zero gravity.”